Alternative Treatments For Peyronies Disease

Alternative Methods Of Treating Peyronies Disease

Alternative treatments of Peyronies can usually be defined as those researched and sought by the patient without doctors advice or recommendation.

These can range from untried and untested substances to some methods that actually have strong clinical evidence that support their effectiveness.

ALC – (Acetyl L Carnitine) – an over the counter supplement that is made from natural Acetyl-l-carnitineamino acids, proven to help restore erection function and libido. Recently a small blind clinical trial recorded positive improvement in Peyronies disease when compared against test subjects taking tomoxfin

DMSO – a highly controversial treatment, a transdermal agent that is applied directly to the affected area, being an effective ‘carrier ingredient’ it is useful at helping get other medications and ingredients deep into the skins tissue which help to break down the plaques..

No clinical studies have been carried out looking into just how effective DMSO is at treating PD, there have been unofficial reports that range from a vast improvement to no change at all.

Heat Therapy  (Hyperthermia) – applying heat to the penis has been subjected to many studies, commonly used after prostate surgery. One clinical study looked into the effects of twice weekly treatments all 30 minutes long where the penis was subjected to 39-40 degrees. This study ran for 5 weeks and involved 30 test subjects.

The results were quite positive,over the 5 week period, the use of hyperthermia reduced plaque size and curvature. It also led to a marked improvement in erection capability. While positive, studies need to repeated with larger numbers of test subjects before being considered to be a more commonly used method.

Traditional Treatments For Peyronies Disease

Non Traditional Treatments For Peyronies Disease