Best Traction Device To Treat Peyronies Disease

Size Genetics And Peyronie’s Disease

Medically Proven Method Of Correcting Curvature

Most medical experts agree that the most effective method of correcting curvature caused by Peyronie’s Disease is by the use of a good quality traction device.

Of all the devices out there (and there are quite a few), the one that delivers consistent 9045-size-genetics-performanceresults is the one manufactured by Size Genetics

Developed by a leading reconstructive surgeon 16 years ago in Denmark, the Size Genetics device has the backing of the medical community as a whole.

It is classed as an approved type one medical device which means that it is built to exacting EU standards using medical grade materials.

How Does The Size Genetics Device Treat Curvature

The device is worn over the penis, when fitted it places a pulling pressure (traction) throughout the length of the penis, this traction triggers a natural process known as cellular duplication.

More About Size Genetics And Its Treatment Of Curvature

This causes the internal cells to stretch, divide and duplicate to form new tissue. In the case of Peyronie’s Disease, one side of the penis has a hardened plaque which stops it expanding (which causes it to curve over when the penis becomes erect)

This cellular reproduction generates increased mass on the side of the plaque that helps it to become and remain straighter as it becomes erect. The plaques themselves are also gradually broken down by the constant traction.


How Long Does The Process Take

This will depend on two factors –

  • The Severity Of The Curvature
  • The Time Spent Wearing The Device

Time spent wearing the Size Genetics is crucial, the longer the better, and this will achieve maximum results within the fastest timescale. Experts tell us that the Size Genetics should be worn for at least 2 hours per day, and preferably longer (some actually wear the device overnight).

Maximum results can take 4-6 months to achieve, but its not uncommon to see an encouraging improvement in as little as 2 weeks.

58-comfort-system58 Way Comfort System

Size Genetics recognise the importance of being able to wear the device for longer periods of time and have invested heavily in developing a 58 way comfort system that gives users many options of securing the device to give them complete comfort.

Too many inferior devices rely on just a simple silicone loop to secure the head of the penis, although suitable for some, many find these uncomfortable and this restricts the amount of time that they can spend wearing the device.


Guaranteed Results Or Money Back

Size Genetics give a ‘double your money back’ cash back guarantee on all their devices, this makes buying the Size Genetics device a risk free process, as they guarantee to give a full refund to anybody, who after using the device as directed, fails to see any improvement or gains

Official Approvals And Customer Feedback

The official website has full details of many medical testimonials by specialist doctors as well as every day men who have benefited from using the Size Genetics device, many users report a dramatic reduction in curvature along with a permanent increase in both length and girth.

Where To Buy Size Genetics

Size Genetics is available direct from the manufacturers, orders are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly.

Prices start at £127.97 ($ 199.95 ) for the Basic Device,

The best selling package is the Ultimate system which includes a full range of accessories, the full comfort system and access to the Penis Health exercise system which uses a combination of ancient jelqing techniques and modern day methods to strengthen penis muscles, boost erections and in the case of Peyronie’s sufferers, help to break down the plaques.


The Ultimate System costs £249.50 ( $398.95)

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