Best Vacuum Device For Peyronies Disease

Penomet Vacuum Device Review [updated 2020]

Vacuum Devices Are A Popular Way Of Improving Erections And Straightening Curvature – Find Out What Makes Penomet So Effective

Vacuum devices have grown in popularity over recent years, they are generally easy to use and usually highly effective, they offer men with erection difficulties and penile curvature a non surgical way to tackle and reduce their problems.


One of the new generation pumps is the one made and supplied by Penomet, and in just a few years has quickly become the device of choice for many Peyronie’s Sufferers.

How Does Penomet Work

Penomet is classed as a hydro-pump, that means that it is designed to be used in the bath or shower, many believe that these devices are far safer and generally more effective than air based pumps because the water helps to support and protect the penis during the process.

The device is filled with warm bath/shower water, it is then placed over the penis, making sure that the rubber gaiter makes contact with the groin to form a seal.

The device is then pumped up and down a couple of times to expel any remaining air and some water to form a vacuum within the device.


This internal vacuum causes blood to flow into the penis, this forms an erection (which makes it perfect for men who have problems in getting erections).

These are generally larger and more powerful than regular ones.

The increased pressure within the penis (caused by the powerful blood flow) helps to stimulate a process known as cellular duplication which in a nutshell means that (under the pressure exerted by the vacuum) the internal tissue cells gradually stretch,  divide and then duplicate generating increased tissue cells and helps to beak down the plaques that cause the curvature. This can also add mass to the penis.

Discover How Penomet Works

How Quickly Will I See Results When Using Penomet?

This will depend on the severity of the problem and the desired results, but generally just 20 minutes a day can help to provide a gradual but steady improvement in curvature.

Maximum effects can take between 4 and 6 months, but its not uncommon to notice an improvement in a couple of weeks. As for Erection strength and longevity, many users report amazing results right from the first use.

What Makes The Penomet Different?

There are of course many different devices out there, and many will have a positive effect on both curvature and erection strength.


The Penomet is better because it does what most other products fail to do, that is offer a choice of pressure settings, it does this by coming with a choice of interchangeable pressure gaiters that each provide a different level of working pressure.

By starting with the lowest pressure and working through to the highest, users can (over time) generate better results that by just using a pump that works at just one pressure.

Penomet have a sequence of exercises that all help to maximise the potential of this device, buyers also get privileged access to mypenomet – an online forum where they can swap and share experiences with other users.

The Penomet Guarantee

Penomet provide the a lengthy cash back guarantee – buyers have up to 60 days to use Penomet as directed, if after doing so, they fail to see any improvement, they can return for a full refund.

Where To Buy Your Penomet Device

Penomet is available for worldwide shipping quickly and directly from the manufacturers website.

Priced in US $ on the website, the costs start at $127 (£79.00) for the basic device rising to the premium package that contains all pressure gaiters for just $297 (£197.00)

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2 thoughts on “Best Vacuum Device For Peyronies Disease”

  1. After reading through your website and the information on Penomet, I went ahead and purchased the premium package. I didn’t have a major curve to my penis, but it was enough to make it look a little strange when I was erect – So much so that I felt rather embarrassed about a new partner seeing my penis for the first time, so always used to try and have sex for the first time in a darkened room.

    After using the device for 3 months I have noticed a definite improvement in the bend in my penis, whats more its actually got a little longer too – So I am really happy with the results.

    Robert E – Harrogate Yorkshire

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