Peyronies Device Review

The Peyronies Device

The Worlds First Specially Designed Complete Peyronies Treatment System

At last – sufferers of Peyronies Disease finally have a specially developed, 100% medically backed complete treatment system that can help correct virtually all cases of Peyronies Disease and Natural Curvature, regardless of severity.

Made by the manufacturers of Size Genetics – The Peyronies Device is the perfect answer to anybody suffering with

  • A Bent Penis
  • Micro Penis Syndrome
  • Natural Curvatures
  • Peyronies Disease
Developed over several years of intensive research, discussing the problem with doctors and sufferers worldwide, the people behind the Peyronies Device have delivered what is without doubt currently the worlds ONLY specially developed complete treatment system for this life changing problem.

The Peyronies Device

The Peyronies device is a specially developed penis traction device that can over a period of time,gradually straighten and lengthen the users penis.


Based on the principle of medical traction, the device follows the proven method used by doctors worldwide who use traction to correct or lengthen stunted or injured limbs.

These kinds of devices were developed by surgeons to help support penises after corrective surgery, very quickly, their ability to straighten and lengthen penises became apparent.

With many medical studies and trials now proving their effectiveness, it is now recognised that these kinds of traction devices are essential tools in the treatment of peyronies disease.

Read About The Medical Evidence Supporting The Peyronies Device

How Does The Peyronies Device Work

When worn on the penis, the device places a pulling pressure (traction) along the entire length of the penis. This constant (yet gentle and painless) pressure gradually causes a process known as cellular duplication – The internal tissue cells are stretched, they then divide and duplicate to generate increased mass to the penis, the pressure also helps to break down the hardened plaques that cause the curvature.

Over a relatively short period of time, you should notice your penis becoming straighter and often it can gain length at the same time.

A recent study in Turin Italy confirmed the effectiveness of these devices in the fight against peyronies:

Why Not Just Use A Conventional Penis Traction Device?

There is no reason why not – in some cases, these can be just as effective. There are however some subtle differences that make the Peyronies Device the one to choose:

The Peyronies Device is a medically approved type one medical device – used and approved by doctors worldwide.

The problem with many cases of Peyronies is that the curvature makes the wearing of the device uncomfortable, most regular devices are designed to be worn on a straight penis, and the pressure of the curve causes the strap securing the penis to the device often ‘dig in’ causing pain and discomfort which can limit the time being able to wear the device.

The Peyronies device has been developed with a unique multi position head that will turnpeyronies-device-full-treatment-plan-guarantee and accept penises with any amount of curvature, helping to maintain complete comfort while wearing the device.

The time spent wearing the Peyronies Device is crucial – the longer the better, and the faster the results – this is why comfort is the key

The scientists behind the peyronies device have developed a clever and unique comfort system that gives users multiple choices of how to wear the device to ensure complete comfort. unlike many regular extenders that simply use a silicone loop to secure (often painfully) the head of the penis, the choices with the peyronies device make wearing the device a pleasant experience.

How Quickly Will It Work

This is most certainly not a quick fix to the problem… and it will depend on both the severity of the curvature and how often the device is worn – most users should see a definite improvement after a couple of weeks… but to achieve full results, users will need to be committed and prepared to wear the device every day for at least 2 hours for between 4 and 6 months.



The body’s natural reaction the the traction is slow and steady, its something that cannot be hurried. Any improvements and growth however are permanent.

 More About How The Peyronies Device Works

But Thats Not All..

On its own the Peyronies device will, without a doubt help correct both natural cases of curvature and Peyronies disease, helping sufferers regain their confidence and ability to enjoy sexual contact without any further risk of ridicule, embarrassment or discomfort.

The device is just one part of the treatment plan

The people behind Peyronies device have put together a complete system that gives sufferers everything that they need to correct their curvature without surgery or other medical intervention.

The Treatment plans also consists of

Penis Massage Exercises

Specially adapted exercises that help speed and increase the results of the device, a modern day adaption of traditional jelqing methods that exercise and improve penile straightness, along with improving erection power, strength and longevity.

Available both on DVD and online via any internet enabled computer or mobile device, these easy to follow massage techniques take around 8 minutes a day 2-3 times a week to complete.


‘Go Today’ Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil is an essential part of treating Peyronies disease, it helps by breaking down the hardened plaque areas that cause curvature, specially formulated to use alongside the exercises to help the process, making them easier to perform and at the same time helping the oil to be absorbed into the skin.

‘Extreme Amino’

Three of the most proven treatments of Peyronies disease are amino acids including L-Arginine, Acetyl L – Carnitine HCL and Vitamin E.

Extreme Amino contains a power packed dose of all three plus the inclusion of Piperine – a natural compound that helps increase absorption (and therefore the effectiveness) of the ingredients by up to 60%

Essential in the treatment of curvature, these three are crucial in your fight against peyronies.

‘Enzyme p500’

Packed with 10 proven ingredients that include Serrapeptase, Lipase and Nattokinase that are all essential to helping breaking down Peyronies causing scar tissue, helping to boost the straightening effects of the device

‘CoQ10 Enzyme+’

Coenzyme Q10 is proven to be one of the most effective ingredients in the treatment of peyronies disease, this supplement contains a massive dose of 100mg CoQ10 and couples it with 50mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid to maximise and speed results…

Also added to the mix is Piperine to help speed and increase absorption

All Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back6428-6month-worldwide-guarantee

The makers of the Peyronies device are so confident of their product that they give all buyers a ‘double your money back’ guarantee this gives you plenty of time to try the system and if after using as directed, you fail to see any improvement, simply return for a full refund of Twice What You Paid – no awkward questions being asked

This guarantee applies to all buyers worldwide.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Get Rid Of My Peyronies Disease

(* UK prices are based at current conversion rates and could change in the future – see official website for current prices in ALL Currencies)

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