Non Traditional Treatments For Peyronies Disease

Treating Peyronies With Non Traditional Methods

Non traditional treatments are generally those that are not widely prescribed by doctors or in some cases, relatively new forms of treatment that have not been recognised or adopted by mainstream doctors – this does not of course mean that the treatment is obscure or ineffective, it could just mean that doctors have not kept themselves up to date and fully trained on all available methods.

Pentoxiphylilline ( AKA Pentox or Trental) –  commonly prescribed to treat numerous fibrotic and inflammatory imagesconditions. Pentox blocks the transforming growth factor (TGF) B1- mediated pathway of inflammation, prevents deposition of collagen type 1, and acts as a nonspecific (PDE) inhibitor.

Pentox’s observed suppression of collagen production in Peyronie’s cells in tissue culture, as well as its efficacy in other fibrotic disorders, have resulted with it being offered to patients for treatment by a limited number of physicians.

Results do indicate that Pentox is a viable initial treatment for many cases of Peyronies disease.

Leriche Technique Surgical method that is generally carried out throughout Europe.
Under surgical conditions, an erection is induced and then the plaque is lacerated by an 18 gauge needle, this fragments the plaque.

A compression dressing is then worn on the penis for 3 hours.

After discharge the patient is recommended to resume sexual activity as quickly as possible. It is recommended that the erections are generated by the use of a vacuum device for at least a month.

Just how effective this procedure is can be judged by the resumption of sexual activity and the general straightness of the penis while erect.

Vacuum Erection Device– Commonly used to treat Erectile Dysfunction, Vacuum devices have recently been reclassified from ‘alternative’ to ‘non traditional’ methods as more and more Urologists now favour their use as an effective and non invasive method of breaking down the plaques within the penis.

The device is placed over the penis and a vacuum inside the device is generated by a pump,. The vacuum helps to draw ever increasing amounts of blood into the chambers of the penis, generating strong erections which gradually help to break down the plaques and straighten the penis.

Vacuum devices can also generate permanent increases in penis length.

Traction Device- Widely considered to be the most effective non invasive method of treating Peyronies, a good device will be classed as a type one medical device and with this classification brings certain assurances of its build quality and performance.

Traction devices work on the age old medical technique of placing the penis under the firm (yet gentle) pulling power of traction.

As the penis is subjected to the pressure, the internal tissue cells gradually stretch, divide and duplicate to form new skin tissue, any plaques and other scar tissue is gradually broken down and dispersed. This is exactly the same methods as employed by doctors across the world to straighten and lengthen injured or stunted limbs.

Traction devices can help correct even the most severe cases of Peyronies Disease and as a possibly welcome bonus can (over time) actually increase penis length permanently.

Traditional Treatments For Peyronies Disease

Alternative Treatments For Peyronies Disease