Traditional Treatment Plan For Peyronies Disease

Traditional Treatment Plan For Peyronie’s Disease

The treatment of Peyronie’s can take many forms; many involve attacking the problem from different angles.

One of the most respected experts in the field of Peyronies disease – A Dr Laurence levineLevine MD has devised a treatment plan that has helped many sufferers of Peyronie’s

His plan recommends a three point attack that simultaneously tackles the plaques and which has recorded some great results:

Oral Treatments

Dr Levine recommends a combination of Pentoxifylline (400mg 3 times a day) plus a cocktail of L-Arginine and L-Cartnitine ( 1000mg or each twice  daily). This should be taken for at least 6 months.

Both the drug and the supplements are usually well tolerated, they often have beneficial effects in remodelling the plaques and stopping the progression of the scarring.

The daily addition of CoQ10 to the oral plan has also been known to help improve results, but does not form a part of Dr Levine’s Plan

Injection Therapy

Verapamil injections have been shown to both stabilise and reduce the progression of Peyronie’s in some patients, the injections should be administered by a doctor every two weeks for 6 months.

Traction Device

penis-traction-deviceThe final stage is the daily use of a medically approved penis traction device. Worn for at least 3 hours a day (preferably for 8 hours overnight) these devices place the penis under a firm yet painless stretching pressure that generates cellular reproduction, helping to break down plaques, and correct any curvature or deformity.

As an added bonus, the regular use of these devices can also generate increased penile length.

Results Of Dr Levines 3 Stage Plan

Results from following Dr Levines Plan have been generally encouraging; around 60% of patients who followed this plan achieved improvement in the curvature of at least 24 degrees.

This compares with just 50% of patients that just used oral supplements and injections, these recorded reduced improvement with a maximum improvement of 20 degrees and many achieved considerably less.