Taking Pentox For Peyronies Disease

Pentoxifylline For Peyronies Disease

Pentoxifylline (Pentox) is one of today’s most prescribed treatments for Peyronies disease, it can also be prescribed under the names of Trental, Pentoxil and Flexital

Pentoxifylline is the full name for a prescription drug that is usually given to people with imagesblood flow or circulation problems.

Pentoxifylline is mainly used to help improve circulation and can improve aching, cramps and tiredness, it helps to reduce the thickness of the blood to allow it to flow easier through the blood vessels.

By reducing the thickness of the blood, it can help reduce scarring and calcification of the plaques that cause peyronies, it can often have a beneficial effect in improving erections.

Pentoxifylline Availablity And Side Effects

Pentoxifylline should only be prescribed by a doctor, it can cause some side effects and these to be considered before taking.

Side effects can include nausea, vomiting, dizziness and blurred vision, some users have also reported insomnia and drowsiness.

It is recommended that you take pentoxifylline with meals to minimise the side effects.


The general dose is 3 tablets per day, the strength of each dose will be determined by your doctor, the average dose is 400mg.

Associated Risks With

It is considered fairly safe but it can cause interactions with other medicines, even some over the counter medicines such as Ibruprofen can be affected and your doctor will advise accordingly if you are on any other medication.

lotrel_11072_8_(big)_You should also be wary of taking pentoxifylline if you have kidney or liver problems, as it can increase the risk of bleeding, anybody who is at risk of retinal or cerebral hemorrhage.

Those who have an intolerance to caffeine, Theophylline and theobromine should also discuss this with their doctor before embarking on a course of pentoxifylline for Peyronies disease.

Is Pentoxifylline Guaranteed To Work

There are some good reports of Pentoxifylline reducing both scarring and the calcification of plaques, however, as with all drugs and treatments, what works for some will not for others, some find that the side effects cause them to discontinue use, others do not experience any problems.

Studies Into The Effects Of Pentoxifylline On Peyronies Disease

There are some recent studies on the use of Pentoxifylline to treat men with Peyronie’s.

The most widely referred study is the Iranian double-blind placebo-controlled study of the efficacy and safety of using Pentoxifylline in the early chronic stages of Peyronie’s disease.

The treated group showed modest but statistically significant improvements compared to the placebo group. Overall, 36.9% of patients who received Pentoxifylline (PTX-SR) reported positive response, compared to only 4.5% in the placebo group. The improvement in penile curvature and plaque volume was also significantly greater.

Another study carried out in 2010 concluded that men who took pentoxifylline were less likely to see their Peyronies get worse, many reported a reduction in the calcium content of the plaques.

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