Treating Peyronies Disease With Exercises

Exercise Techniques that Help With Peyronies Disease

You will have no doubt read about the various drugs, natural supplements and devices that can help reduce and even clear the effects of Peyronies disease, but did you know that its quite possible Unknown-1to break down these hardened plaques and reduce penile curvature just by using your own hands??

The specialists behind Penis Health do, and they have developed a series of simple exercises and massage techniques that when performed several times a week, can with only 8-10 minutes effort on your part help to gradually break down and disperse hardened plaques, leaving you with a straighter, often visibly longer and most definitely stronger penis.

The Penis Health Exercise System

The basics for this exercise program stems back hundreds if not thousands of years to ancient arabic tribal cultures. They developed an ancient form of these exercises and the process was (and still is) double-hand-length-6_lrgcalled Jelqing.

Commonly used to prepare young males for sexual relationships, Jelqing involves a series of stretching and massaging movements that stimulate blood flow to the penis, helping to strengthen the internal cells and blood vessels.

The people behind Penis Health have taken these ancient exercises and adapted them with modern techniques to develop their range of exercise and massage techniques that help to promote penile health, breaking down any plaque deposits, reducing curvature and helping to strengthen erections.

How Can I Get These Exercises

Penis Health operate a fully functioning website, you have two choices, you simply join up online (the fees are a one off payment for lifetime membership).

power-stretch-5_lrgYou can choose from online access only – this means that you can access and follow the exercise video routines from any computer and/or mobile device wherever you are in the world – all you need is a decent broadband connection.

If you prefer to follow the video exercises at home on your larger screen TV, you can pay a little bit more and get the full system on a DVD along with the online access.

How To Get Penis Health Exercises For Free

The full Penis Health system is also supplied free with the Size Genetics Traction Device. The exercises are the perfect and recommended accompaniment for the device, and both help each other to speed and enhance the results.

How Much Does The Penis Health Exercise System Cost

Penis Health Costs just £35.17 ($54.95) for online only membership,  The package with both the online access and the physical DVD costs £47.97 ($74.95)

You will also get access to the members forum where they can share experiences, ask and answer questions from men in the same situation as you.

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