Treating Peyronie’s Disease With Traction Devices

Are Traction Devices An Effective Treatment For Peyronie’s Disease

The use of traction devices is a medically approved method of treating and correcting penis-traction-devicePeyronie’s disease.

Used by many sufferers worldwide, many patients consider them to be the best and most effective method of correcting curvature and reducing the painful plaques.

How Do Traction Devices Work

Traction is a long established and well used medical technique that uses the body’s own ability to regenerate to both straighten and lengthen stunted or injured limbs. Penis traction devices work in the same way, by placing the penis under a firm, yet painless pulling or stretching pressure, the body responds by triggering a reaction within the cellular make up of the penis.

As the tissues cells are subjected to the traction, they gradually separate, divide and duplicate to form more tissue cells. This creates increased mass to the penis.

In the case of a patient with Peyronies disease, the area containing the plaque (the source of the curvature) is subjected to more of the traction than the regular flexible tissue opposite, this gradually causes the plaque to break down and the cells stretch and then reproduce. This results in the gradual straightening of the penis. With time and as an added bonus, its not uncommon for users to achieve a permanent increase in length and girth with the use of a traction device.


How Long Does The Process Take

The amount of time a traction device takes to correct curvature will of course vary from patient to patient and will initially depend on two factors:

  • The Degree Of Curvature
  • The Amount Of Time Spent Wearing The Device

All things considered, most patients see an initial improvement in a couple of weeks and from this point will continue slowly but steadily.

To achieve maximum results, experts tell us that it can take between 4 and 6 months.

The key is the time spent wearing the device, the longer the better – A minimum of 2-3 hours per day is required and experts suggest wearing the device overnight for between 6 and 8 hrs.

This does require commitment from the user and is an essential reason to choose a device that offers a good level of comfort – avoid devices that use just a simple silicone loop to secure the head of the penis, while they work for some, the majority of users find these uncomfortable which stops them wearing the device long enough for it to be effective.

What To Look For In A Traction Device

  • Established Track Record
  • Medical Approvals – Type One Medical Device Classification Is Essential
  • Comfort System – Ensures A Discomfort Free Treatment
  • Users Feedback – Check Testimonials From Other Users
  • Availability Of Spare Parts
  • Guarantees – A Good Device Offers At least A 6 Month Cash Back Guarantee

Traction devices are highly effective at reducing curvature as a standalone treatment, but when combined with supplementation and also exercises or massage techniques they can provide some excellent results.

Suggested Device


With so many devices out there, its not easy to pinpoint just one, however, the Peyronies Device is one that appears on many medical forums with many users praising its ability to help correct Peyronie’s Disease – An approved type one medical device with over 16 years track record behind it, the Peyronies Device is also supplied with all essential vitamins, oils and supplements to offer everything that a sufferer of Peyronie’s disease will ever need to reduce their curvature.

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