Vacuum Devices And The Treatment Of Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s Disease And Vacuum Devices

The treating of Peyronies disease can often be attacked in two or three ways simultaneously.

Aside from prescription drugs, supplements and injections, many sufferers of Peyronies disease also use a vacuum device (VED) or a traction device.

These devices provide similar results, but are totally different in their method and operation.


Vacuum Device

A vacuum device is usually a balloon shaped device that has a chamber that is placed over the penis; there is a pump that is attached to the device and usually a rubber seal that makes contact with the groin area to form an air tight seal.

Once placed over the penis, the pump is operated to dispel any air within the device to form an internal vacuum. This vacuum is the key to the devices effectiveness, as the vacuum takes effect; it helps to draw blood into the penis which generates an erection.

This increased blood flow and the resulting erection is generally more powerful than a regular erection and the increased internal pressure of the blood flow helps to stretch, divide and ultimately duplicate internal tissue cells. Under this pressure, the Plaques can be gradually broken down as the cell regeneration occurs.

These devices are perfect for those that have suffered from erectile dysfunction (and not just if the problem has been caused by Peyronie’s). Any erections generated by the use of these devices tend to be visibly thicker and generally longer.

If used daily for between 20 and 30 minutes per day, many sufferers of peyronie’s disease have experienced reduced curvature, better erectile function and a reduction of the plaques.

With continued use, as an added bonus, it’s not uncommon to achieve increased penis length over around 6 months.

Types Of Vacuum Device


There are two main types of Vacuum devices, those that create the vacuum in air, and those that use water (hydropumps) They both provide similar results, feelings are mixed but the general feeling is that the ones that use water are generally safer.

“A Hydropump Is Considered To Be The Safest Option”

Pumps that create a vacuum in air have had some bad press in the past, it can be possible to over-pressurise the pump, which in a few isolated cases has caused tearing and distortion to the user’s penis.

The water contained in hydropumps helps to support and protect the penis during the operation, these are primarily designed to be used in the bath or shower.

Some experts also feel that the warmth of the water in the bath or shower helps to relax the penile tissues,(and the patient) helping and speeding the process.

Suggested Device

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