Verapamil Injection Treatment For Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronies Injection Treatments With Verapamil

Verapamil injections have a reasonable success rate in the treating of Peyronie’s disease, they are however, by nature, a rather intimate form of treatment that in the absence of health service funding can come at a potentially high financial cost.

Because of these, it is a treatment that many men prefer to avoid.VERAPAMIL_HYDROCHLORIDE-350x280

What Is Verapamil

Verapamil is by nature, a calcium channel blocker, it helps to stop the formation of calcium deposits and relaxes/widens the blood vessels, helping to improve vascular health, often used by doctors to treat high blood pressure and irregular heart rythmn.

It comes in different forms and is available in pill form, injections, also as a cream or gel.

In the case of Peyronies disease, it is the injections and to a lesser degree the gel that has been used.

How Does Verapamil Work

When injected, Verapamil helps to prevent scar formation and can assist the breaking down of plaques, it is a procedure that should only be carried out by a specialist as it is injected directly into the plaques within the penis, often in several positions depending on the size and severity of the affected area.

The injections should be carried out bi-weekly for up to 6 months. If further treatment is required, time must be allowed before commencing with a second course of injections.

Benefits Of Verapamil Injections

The medication is delivered directly to the affected area, and is less likely to cause any adverse reactions elsewhere.

Downsides Of Verapamil Injections

The procedure is highly embarrassing, potentially stressful and can be painful, cost is also an option with some treatment plans running into many hundreds of pounds or more.. Not everybody will pay, some insurance companies offer cover and in the UK the NHS will sometimes cover the cost – or most of it.

Are There Any Side Effects From Verapamil Injections

Side effects are minimal, occasional headaches and nausea seem most common, along with bruising of the injection site(s)

There have been some very rare cases of Verapamil causing hypertension, reducing heart rate and damage to the liver, because of these isolated risks most injections are done while the patient is being monitored with an ECG and blood pressure monitoring.

Verapamil is not suitable for anybody with a particularly slow heart rate or naturally low blood pressure.

How Successful Are Verapamil Injections

The injections have a somewhat mixed range of results, there are indications that Verapamil can help reduce plaques and curvature along with improving erectile function, feedback however is mixed, for every patient that reports good results, there is another who reports little or no benefit.

Studies into the use of Verapamil have demonstrated some success, particularly in the reduction of pain caused by the plaque and/or curvature, a study carried out back in 1997 saw a 97% reduction of pain in patients, a 72% increase in sexual function and a reduction in curvature of around 54%

Read the full study and results here –

The use of Verapamil injections could be a useful tool in the fight against Peyronies disease, the intimate nature of the treatment however, does lead many men to discount or avoid the treatment.

If in any doubt it’s always best to discuss the options with your doctor….

Did Verapamil Work For You?

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